About Tina Trolleys

In 1994 Tina Rengøringsvogne was founded. Back then Søren L. Wedel only had a small workshop from where he was doing his business. Søren is educated as a ship builder but in 1994 when the company was founded he got the chance to change business.

Until 1998 it was only Søren himself that was running the company. Then Rie, Sørens wife, started helping him out with the accounting and paper work. Today Rie is a well-known face in the company and responsible for accounting. Later in 2003 Rie’s brother (also a Søren to make things a little more complicated) came into the business. Today the company is holding 2 employees in the office, 3 in the warehouse and 5 black smiths including an apprentice.

By the time Tina Rengøringsvogne has been increasing. The company is well known, not only in Denmark, but also in Scandinavia and Europe. This is also one of the reasons for why the company changed name into Tina Trolleys in 2003.

In August 2013 the location in Engvej 21, Storvorde was no longer big enough to do business. Therefore the company moved location – just across the street – to Industrivej 5. Ever since then the company has been growing and yet another warehouse building was constructed in summer 2018.

Since the establishment of the company Tina Trolleys has only been growing. The company has become a well-known supplier of professional high quality cleaning trolleys, customized trolleys and other equipment.
Tina Trolleys have many years of experience inside the cleaning industry. Continuously we are developing new and exciting products to be able to keep the high quality and give the customers a great experience. In September 2019 Tina Trolleys can celebrate 25 years of anniversary!
We focus on having a strong relationship to our customers to ensure that the products are just as needed and the ergonomic use is correct.

Throughout the company history many trolleys have been developed. Our absolute most popular trolleys are ERGO series. This is the oldest series which has been a part of the assortment ever since the beginning of the company. The family has only been larger. Today we have about 50 trolleys made from the ERGO system.
In 2012 the aluminum trolley was launched. The year after 2013 our motorized hotel trolley was launched.
The second series of cleaning trolleys was launched in 2015 with a full assortment of EXCLUSIVE trolleys. The trolleys are produced in aluminum and is even more adjustable than the ERGO trolleys – The series was further developed early 2018. In 2017 our waste catalogue was launched with a full assortment of both regular waste bins and also management systems.

We are looking forward to see what the future brings. Until then we will keep continuing developing high quality cleaning trolleys of high quality in cooperation with our customers.